Getting to Know More About Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012: The intro

In spite of few jerks and bumps received from its competitors like the free-cloud-based services for e.g. ‘mint’ (also owned by Intuit like Quicken), Quicken 2012 has been offering a well incorporated services and proves to be an ideal software  for helping you with your budgeting plans and in keeping debt well in control. But again if you are one who does not over spend, or do not have much of dues on your credit card, then probably the all new Quicken 2012 features as well as Quicken 2012 new features are not meant for you. This software that helps to manage one’s own personal finances has been launched by Intuit. You can easily download this software from the website and if you are unable to find it, simple type the words, ‘Quicken 2012 download’ and you would find ample search results for the same. For all those Macintosh users, Intuit has brought the Quicken 2012 Mac version known as the Quicken 2012 Mac.


Quicken 2012: The ideal personal finance software

Even though you might not be bankrupt or overdue on your credit cards, still this software, Quicken 2012 could be used intelligently and would be a great financial guide all through your life. Quicken 2012 makes handling your personal finances all the more easier.  Quicken 2012 new features comes with the latest updates. The latest version which one can easily download from the relevant sites by using words ‘ Quicken 2012 download’ has been designed in such a way that it the software has become all the more powerful and the Quicken 2012 features used are almost complete with all the essential requisites. Apart from the windows users, Quicken 2012 Mac also enables the Mac users to personalize their finances in a systematic way.


Quicken 2012: What’s new?

quicken 2012The all new Quicken 2012 comes with latest features and updates essential for accounting one’s own personal finances.  Few of the prominent Quicken 2012 new features are the presence of the currency exchange downloader having the 1 step updating option. Quicken 2012 features also consists of the budgeting tool and a debt repair and reduction planner. With Quicken 2012, you never need to be bothered on how you would be able to sort out an issue if one does crop up. The round the clock customer service is always there for your assistance. The big font mode is a great assistance for the users. Apart from this one can also find other features like the property-updater, a debt-dashboard (which aids in equity reporting in a brief manner using the Quicken premier version), it enters all the transactions which has been downloaded into the respective accounts (investing of course) once they have been received and also easily imports as well as exports files which are in the ‘.qxt’ format between the ‘Quicken-essentials’ for the Mac users and the ‘Quicken Windows users’.  Hence with Quicken 2012 Mac, the mackintosh users can easily work and use Quicken by opting for the Quicken 2012 download.


Quicken 2012: The details

Quicken 2012 has a huge number of new up-gradations when compared to that of Quicken 2011 which had been released prior. So, all of you who have not used Quicken or are using the older versions, please give a look at this all new Quicken 2012.  Quicken 2012 features (the important ones has already been mentioned in the prior paragraphs) has brought together efficiency as well as quality.  Many might type words like ‘Quicken 2012 new features’ on the prominent search engines to find out the latest editions, but let me tell you, rather than doping this, just click on the Quicken 2012 download option from the authentic website and you can experience all the latest up-gradations in the same. The Mackintosh users too can try out the same option by using words like ‘Quicken 2012 Mac’ or ‘Quicken 2012 for Mac users’, etc.


Quicken 2012: Know the advantages

One can easily buy the all new Quicken 2012 from some of the prominent shopping portals rather than buying it from the company website as it is available cheaper in the former.  If you are intending to save some money and not spend more, but also want to avail the services of Quicken 2012, then downloading the same using keywords like ‘Quicken 2012 download’  or any others, might not be the cheaper option. Rather getting or buying a CD of the same would be more beneficial as you can use the same even if your hard disk crashes. One can easily re-install the same several times depending upon the use it is put to. The other beats part of Quicken 2012, new features enables automatic updating of details from the diverse accounts held by the user be it credit cards or bank accounts, statements from brokerage firms, etc. The Quicken 2012 features which has been lately updated has been a great help to many of its users reason which there has been tremendous response and is currently supporting more than 12000 financial institutes. With Quicken, accounting becomes all the easier. All you need to do is to search for the name of the institute in the menu bar, provide the required details like the account numbers, passwords, etc.  The download speed of the transactions are pretty high, hence you need not wait for the month end to get an idea on what you have spend or gained. The same features used to be offered by Mint, but after Intuit has taken the ownership rights on the same, now it has added the features of Mint into Quicken. Quicken 2012 Mac also has the same features and advantages.


Quicken 2012: Is it safe?

With a 128 – bit- SSL security, a pretty high standard one, the manufacturer claims that this finance software has never encountered with a security threats till date. Apart from this, Quicken 2012 has numerous other tools (financial). Like for e.g. there is this one feature where one can get the most efficient way to back credit card debts. All that you need to do is to enter in the values which you own and which are outstanding, the interested rates on which it is calculated and the program would give a pictorial representation of the same. The graphical or the pictorial representation includes details like the time span one would require to pay back the loans by a calculated minimum monthly payment. This hence makes the task of the debtor easy.  Quicken 2012 new features have been able to accommodate some of the most efficient tools which has helped numerous users, thereby increasing its user-base. Some of the Quicken 2012 features have made the tasks of the users easier by its quality services.   Apart from this there is also the feature where one can get reminders of the upcoming-bills, either due to the fact that you have programmed it the same way, or because it has been seeing the same expense for some time now. This is an intelligent software and it plots the same recurring expenses on the graph and would give you an indication on the amount that would be left in your bank after the same bills has been paid. Moreover as an individual pays the bill, the Quicken software would keep downloading the details in a chart or in a graph as per your preferences, and categorizes them accordingly. By the categorizing option, one can easily get to know on which section one ha send the most and the segment on which some reduction in expenses has to be brought. With this software one can also built the budget easily. Hence there is no doubt that one who is using this software would be surely doing it with great satisfaction as it has all what one can ask for in a personal finance software program. Though most of us are used to the hi-tech software and those free-applications, at times, one gets to see advantages while using old-fashioned  software’s, especially one’s which has been installed in your desktop.

Hence, all those individuals who have by now developed an interest in buying this software, has nothing much to do. All that is required is to simply click on the tabs ‘ Quicken 2012 download’ and for the Macintosh users, they need to select the ‘Quicken 2012 Mac’ option and can easily get this software for your own personal use. With the immense amount of debts clouds which are hovering around most of the countries and pink slips being a very common phenomena, it is high time that one considers on systematizing one’s own budget and spending mechanism. Quicken has had most of the features which have been a great help to individuals (on the financial grounds).  After Intuit took over Mint, it has added the advantages and the best features of the same into Quicken, making Quicken 2012 an ideal finance software program. With many more versions to be released soon, we wait eagerly for Intuit’s innovative ideas. Quicken 2012 is just a start!